New B2B platform for the fashion industry

Fashion Retailers no longer have to wait for the Fashion Trade Fairs to orient themselves on the buying season. This can now take place online. With the new platform NextCollections retailers can orient at any time to the coming fashion season. Not only is this time and cost saving for retailers, it also offers an opportunity to discover and connect with (new) suppliers.

The main goal of the platform is connecting fashion retailers to suppliers and vice versa. Retailers can get inspiration from extensive collection previews, videos and collection descriptions of international suppliers. In addition, current B2B information – purchase prices, margins, ordering information and catalogues – is shown.

Shifting offline to online
According to initiator Marc Verweij, the role of Fashion Trade Fairs has been shifting the past few years. “Ten years ago substantial orders were placed during Fashion Trade Fairs. Nowadays Fashion Trade Fairs are mainly a place to make new contacts and to get a preview of the next collection. If that is the main purpose, then why not do it online!” A logical step with a decrease amount of visitors on Trade Fairs. Especially with the important role that the cost aspect plays today. Both retailer and supplier search for ways to save time and lower costs. Participation in a fashion exhibition costs a fashion brand quickly ten thousand euros. The fashion retailer who visits several Fashion Trade Fairs with the whole staff quickly save thousand euro. The fashion entrepreneurs are very excited about this initiative. In the last six months more than 100 fashion brands have already signed in.”

Online Fashion Trade Fair
With so many developments in the fashion industry, such as declining attendance at Trade Fairs, fast stock deliveries in stead of preorders and the growth of online stores, there is a need for a quick way to experience new fashion collections. NextCollections offers this “podium” for fashion brands and offers more. Not only seeing the collection is a must, retailers are also interested in practical information including the distribution strategy of a fashion brand, sales support, margins and purchasing prices.

Double Secured
Fashion Retailers get free access by registering on NextCollections. To obtain specific B2B-information online, visitors can request permission from individual suppliers. Marc Verweij noted that suppliers like to know who have access to their B2B information. “That is the reason why confidential information is controlled by the suppliers themselves. This way suppliers are assured that their information is (double) secured. is an initiative of NewNext Media, which earlier successfully launched This website provides consumers an overview of the latest fashion trends and collections. The website attracted 250,000 visitors within 1 month already.

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