Retailers: Get free access to the latest collections

NextCollections is the ideal platform for fashion stores, online stores and other resellers to orientate on the purchase of next season. Be inspired & informed by a wide variety of international labels in the fields of apparel, kids- and footwear. 24/7, 365 days a year.

+ For Retail & fashion professionals

+ Access our online Fashion Trade Fair – 24/7 & 365 days a year
+ Preview new collections & discover upcoming brands
+ Up-to-date B2B info (margins, discounts & special offers)
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Brands: a great podium to present fashion 365 days a year

NextCollections.com offers a great podium for manufacturers, distributors or agents to showcase their latest products to a large group of retailers 365 days a year. With a reach of 90.000 international you will definitely grab – and hold – the attention of fashion buyers.

+ For Brands, distributors & agents

+ Grab the attention of 90.000 retailers & fashion professionals
+ Create a top-notch presentation of your collection
+ Full control to change your content 24/7
+ Strong professional online B2B presence
+ Permission-based access control
+ Create new partnerships & receive orders online!