Blink: outspoken with a special twist

Blink: outspoken with a special twist

Blink stands for outspoken, sexy yet affordable shoes that will pump up your style and make you the star of every modern girls’ wardrobe; from pin-thin stilettos and sporty wedges to studded trainers and sassy sandals.

Blink’s dedicated stylists constantly roam the globe searching the hottest catwalk trends and front-row action, so they can design you those outspoken Blink shoes with their own special twist.

Doing this Blink always try to get the mix of materials en qualities just right because they understand that the Blink girl loves having a lot of different pairs, without immediately falling into bankruptcy.

About the Brand

Blink is the sister brand of Bronx. Both brands are designed by a family run Dutch footwear company with more than a 125 years of love for shoes running through their veins.

“At Blink we feel that putting on the pair of perfect shoes gives you the edge that can turn plain Janes into true runway runaways. And that edge is exactly what we want to give you.”

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