Finger in the Nose – authentic functionality

Finger in the Nose – authentic functionality

A lot of authenticity, a touch of “Rock & Roll Attitude”, combined with a dose of functionality, our jeans and sportswear collection successfully united the look of an adult’s garment with the need of a child’s comfort. These garments are made so that children like wearing them and their mother’s appreciate the way they look!
A simple yet clever product, capable of following the child everywhere and for a long time to go.

About the Brand

Finger in the Nose manufactures the best jeans for kids. The jeans are built to combine comfort, style and quality. Details are everything. Each piece of the collection has been studied and controlled to give children the best quality they deserve. Each detail of cut and each material and each material choice has been thought to guarantee children a good feeling in their jeans whether it’s a slim, straight or comfort fit.

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