nOeser baby clothing and baby lifestyle

nOeser baby clothing and baby lifestyle

The theme of this nOeser collection is “wonder in the wild”. We see a cheetah chasing zebras, a crocodile relaxing in the water, and a koala and a racoon playing hide and seek. These prints can be combined with an unique camouflage tree print, or plains and stripes in matching colors.

Annuska: “I love to travel. A few years ago my husband and I travelled through south-america and we loved it! We made several hiking trips in beautiful Patagonia, were amazed by the salt plains in Bolivia, fell in love with the rough beauty of Colombia, and enjoyed the wetlands in Brazil. With my dear friend i travelled through Australia and loved the variety in nature there; from dry desert to rainforest and all the wildlife living in it. In the designing process of this collection we were inspired by these experiences. At nOeser we love babies to discover the world their own way and the stories on our outfits can stimulate their imagination. I absolutely love the result!“

Organic brand
nOeser values organic production and all products are 100% GOTS certified. Organic cotton is softer for babies skin and better for the envoironment.

Ongoing collection
The nOeser collections are ongoing and new prints are presented twice per year.

Gift bag
nOeser products make a great gift! Please request for the special gift suitcase with the unique nOeser quotes.


about the brand

be nutty, be nice, be nOeser
nOeser loves kids to have silly adventures and explore the world in their own way. nOeser provides them with outfits in which the can move freely and happily, portraying stories that stimulate their imagination. nOeser lifestyle products complete their world at home.

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