Lofff: Fabulous Favourites

Lofff: Fabulous Favourites

Winter 2014 will be a joyful and happy winter – if we are to decide. The base colour of the collection is grey, but it is being combined with a wide range of bright and warm colours.

The theme of this collection is ‘Fabulous Favourites’ – every single garment is absolutely fab, and has the power to become the favourite garment of the little girl that is going to wear it.

The LoFff team could not choose what was going to be our favourite for the coming season. So hence the name…

about the brand

LoFff is an all girls brand from Holland. It has been around for about 7 years now, and is designed, produced and distributed by Zazi Holland b.v. We have customers in ca 10 different countries, though most of our customers are in the Netherlands (about 55%).

LoFff has a baby collection which goes from size 62 to 86+, and a girls collection from size 92 to 152. Each collection consists of ca. 50 different styles in various colourways. It is a feminine and girly collection with spunk. Focus is on dresses and skirts. Most of the fabricprints are developed by LoFff, and thus exclusive to their collection.

LoFff is priced competitively, and margins for retailers are very good, and dependant on the payment terms chosen.

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