George, Gina & Lucy : an amazingly fresh season

George, Gina & Lucy : an amazingly fresh season

An amazingly fresh season will be defined by its intense color palette. Warm gold combinations, shimmery metallic accents with corals and sea tones. The bags are soft, clean and reduced a fresh and modern interpretation. GEORGE GINA & LUCY delights fans with pastel tones, sweet and delicious. Linings are surprising with polka dots and stripes. Hardware in gold, silver, copper; materials ranging from ultra-light nylon to silk, clean leather variations and metallics. New this season are lavish silk scarves in 2 sizes and 4 amazing colors.

About the Brand

Founded in 2004 in a quaint little village near Frankfurt, Germany, nobody expected that the three unassuming names “GEORGE GINA & LUCY” would leave such an indelible imprint in peoples mind. An amazing mix of classic nylon styles and new, innovative original bags and accessories create a GEORGE GINA & LUCY world in which their creators and their stories will always be in the background and the fabulous products will be the highlight! Authentic, innovative and surprising… GG&L.

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