POM POM: Nostalgia with
a modern swing

POM POM: Nostalgia with
a modern swing

Pom Pom exclusive, timeless girlswear of excellent quality. The typical Dutch brand Pom Pom Casual is designed on the west coast. A look that makes you immediately think of clothing in the high segment, but this is not true. High quality and amazing designs against affordable prices.

Poetry & nostalgia with a cheerful, modern swing.
Pom Pom brings next year (2015) a top girl collection.
Dresses and skirts in bright, cheerful colors and combine in many ways.
In an instant to turn into a more cool appearance

About the Brand

The Dutch children’s clothing brand Pom Pom Casual started in ’92 as a small brand but has grown considerably from that time. By now it has become a much needed and popular brand, for sale in 35 countries. Pom Pom Casual is significantly growing. Meanwhile, there are two brands added Silke, a basic modern girls collection and Portland for teenagers and young ladies. Pom Pom hereby offers a total package

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