Maxomorra: playful colours and patterns

Maxomorra: playful colours and patterns

Maxomorra is rapidly growing with an annual growing rate of over 200 % in the past 4 years. The succes can be contributed to three factors: cutting edge designs, great quality and very competitive prices. The coming fall collection features a fresh set of prints and a few new models. The most succesfull models have returned and a few promising models have been added.

About the Brand

Swedish Eco Brand
Maxomorra is a Swedish company founded in 2008. Our clothes are represented by high quality, functional design and playful colours and patterns. Most of our clothes are made from organically grown cotton.

Maxomorra comes out in four fabulous collections per year. Apart from the characteristic, colourful graphic prints we also provide ranges of velour, canvas, denim and socks. Maxomorra clothing is currently being sold through 400 resellers in 23 countries around the world.

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