Quelques jours de plus: Bon Voyage

Quelques jours de plus: Bon Voyage

QJ came into being for a simple reason. Travel has become more and more exhausting over the past few years. Could there be an alternative to the ubiquitous, zip-top plastic bag which makes travellers at airports the world over all look the same and has become synonymous with travel stress?”

Looking for a solution, the designer Jennifer Rüggeberg developed a travel accessory for her own use. Her “on-board cosmetic case” was soon being tested by a select group of frequent travellers. The feedback was excellent, whether after a weekend trip to Paris, a holiday to Ibiza or a business trip to Hong Kong.

Thanks to the success of the discretely luxurious leather case with a transparent inner bag, it became clear that further multifunctional, elaborate and superior travel accessories were needed. In 2012 Jennifer Rüggeberg founded the label “Quelques jours de plus.”

About the Brand

“Quelques jours de plus” stands for the highest level of quality: from the materials we choose, to the production, to the symbolic power of the collection’s carefully selected signature details.

Touching QJ accessories is a sensual experience! The naturally tanned leather from Southern Germany is like velvet to the touch. Light and contact lend a unique and fascinating patina.

Linen and cotton material from an Italian weaving mill are spun from raw materials in traditional handcraft. The entire production, including PU Coating, is chemical free and achieved exclusively using water.

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