Tumble ’n Dry: fashionable me!

Tumble ’n Dry: fashionable me!

The collections are divided into Boys and Girls segments. For both segments Tumble ‘N Dry created:

Lo. (size 62-92): Boys look retro, vintage and extra tough: tough dudes look sporty in the vintage preppy baseball jackets with chambray parts. The collection has a lot of color. Girls in all-in-one dress: Tough prints with text, animal prints, sweet girly-like prints with feathers and drawings. De colors vary from neon yellow, diva pink and cotton candy pink, to white, grey and Aruba blue.
New is the all-in-one dress!

Mid. (size 92-140): Boys, vintage happy sunshine: Inspired by American sportswear, military, army, beach & surf and the artworks are inspired from tattoo and graffiti. The colors vary from light blue, light yellow, fresh coral and camel. Girls can mix & match with flower-allovers and artworks, studs and sequins, text- and photo prints, light, fluor and fresh colors, lace, printed pants with dot, flowers, tie dye and decorated artworks.

Hi. (size 116-176): Boys get seriously dressed! This collection is more mature and dressier. Less prints with calm and tonal colors. There is also more attention for detail. De combination of tees and bottoms with the same all over design are a tough addition to the collection. Girls: fashionable me! Summer and lots of flowers! This collection is tough and distinguished. Also because we decided to choose one group of colors, which makes it easy to combine. There is a lot of neon, fresh, happiness and a lot of white.

about the brand

Tumble ‘N Dry is hip and functional everyday fashion for kids. Fresh, commercial design with bags of style and great value for money, created with positive energy and the belief that design improves daily life and makes you happy!

Tumble ‘N Dry is the daily brand. The love of beautiful, functional items, a fresh use of color and the belief that design is a means of improving everyday life. The personality of Tumble ‘N Dry is characterized by the idea that hip and functional everyday fashion contributes to the art of living well and being happy, and should be affordable to all.

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