Juffrouw Jansen

Juffrouw Jansen

Juffrouw Jansen is launching its Spring-Summer Collection with ‘dress coordination’ as the keyword, in order to continue with the collection’s growth. “This means we have taken a very critical look at the modern woman’s dressing moment”, according to Juffrouw Jansen’s Barbara de Bruijn. Styles like ‘non chic’, ‘contemporary comfort’ and comfortable materials mixed with luxury and fancy basic qualities are thereby all central focus points. Exciting and very surprising mixes are definitely dominating this season. Just think of classic jaquard jackets combined with sexy feminine lower garments. These can also be combined with jersey jeans for casual weekend wear. The lower garments will often remain uni an the novelty will mainly lie in the various different length printed blazers.”

‘We have taken a very critical look at the modern woman’s dressing moment’

Juffrouw Jansen has devoted a great deal of attention to comfortable trousers and dresses with a quirky detail in order to complete the collection, according to the brand. “We have incorporated a group of bright colours in every theme in terms of the colour image. These will be complemented by basic models in muted earth tones. Sand, mist blue and pearl are used in contrast with neon fuchsia and neon yellow.

Juffrouw Jansen’s Spring-Summer Collection will be presented at the Modefabriek and at our showrooms in Amsterdam and Nieuwkuijk.

About the Brand

Juffrouw Jansen is as feminine as her name suggests. She loves classic combinations in black and white but also likes to see the world through rose-tinted glasses. We can only speculate how old she is—style is timeless, as Coco Chanel already established. And that’s exactly how it is. Inspired by classic films and style icons of yesteryear, Juffrouw Jansen allows you to relive times gone by—nostalgia with a hint of that down-to-earth Dutch attitude.

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