Kookaï: Always playful, always free

Kookaï: Always playful, always free

Always playful, always free, KOOKAÏ presents this winter a strong collection for a city and stylish wardrobe. British college codes are mixed with lively colors as lipstick to create twisty and fancy looks. Urban silhouettes, on their sides, are taken over by graphic patterns inspired of origami, always playing with the masculine feminine contrast. To end on a high note, cashmere print, silk and embroideries fully express gypsy inspiration, combining casual and elegant styles together.

Always at the heart of KOOKAÏ expertise, knitwear is more glamorous than ever, diversifies itself with a bold mix of materials.

About the Brand

Alive and ever-evolving, KOOKAÏ has been distinguished for almost 30 years by its knit creations and visual identity.

Through these collections KOOKAÏ expresses its strength and sensitivity by offering a personal and creative interpretation of current trends. This legendary fashion brand is distinguished by a deliberately accessible high-range positioning.

The dynamic and reactive company shares a passion for fashion with its designers. Stylists and model-makers have created a collection that is completed by an original accessories range.

Exclusive prints, rich fabrics, fashion details and fine cuts are hallmarks of KOOKAÏ collections and attract free-thinking strong women by weaving an emotional bond to the clothing. This emotion is linked to the pleasure of creating and is conveyed by the sales teams in the “industrial chic” style boutiques.

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