Noisy may: perfect mix of edginess & feminity

Noisy may: perfect mix of edginess & feminity

Noisy may

Fashion impact:cutting edge styles for the fashion conscious girl always with the perfect infusion of edginess and feminity. (Fast fashion )

Denim Matrix offers a year with a 2-6 month delivery wit hall favorite fits-of course named after ou favorite girls

NOOS program providing inseason one piece replacement with start box delivery.

Express products with down to 4 weeks delivery, design based on the demands in the marked and upcoming trends from the fashion scene

My Boyfriend concept has a fast delivery of down to 4 weeks all-in well –know shapes but with new edgy prints- of course named after all our favorite boys

Noisy May always craves the latest fashion items, and wants to be the number one denim Brand. The look is unique and jeans are an essantial part of the wardrobe. It´s affordable fashion without compromising on cool. The perfect mix of edginess and feminity.

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