OSI Femmes

OSI Femmes

The next collections of OSI is a great combination of diverse textiles, layered and slim silhouettes in airy summer fabrics. The collection is inspired by traveling to the world’s unique places. Joining us on this amazing journey, the fabrics evolved and were enriched, having been crashed, washed, burned or cut. Exciting combinations of cotton-silk ausbrenners, coated linen, snow-washings, printed sweat and sponge yarns. This all in summery and fresh colors, subtle earth tones combined with soft pastels like mint, cerise and light blue.

About the Brand

OSI Femmes stands out in simplicity. It’s all designed from the heart, out of a feeling. It is subtle, but strong. Effortless and real. It’s sophisticated luxury with a raw edge.

OSI women know how to dress and are aware of the trends. They observe the world with a lot of curiousity, passion and creativity. So they know what they want and prefer their own unique style. They stand out of a crowd without screaming.


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